Brandon & Stephanie are getting married and we'd love to tell you all about it!

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brandon & stephanie

are getting married!

November 8, 2014


Our Story

The Story of Steph + Brandon

Stephanie and Brandon

We met in 2005 at Bowling Green State University in our sophomore architecture studio and were simply classmates that spent a lot of days, nights, and weekends in the studio together. Even though studio was tough, it was a perfect opportunity to get to know each other while spending time in the same major for the next two years. In the summer of 2007, we became closer friends during a study abroad trip to London. Steph remembers being secretly excited that her train ticket on an excursion to Paris happened to be next to Brandon’s.

Following that great summer, our senior year was when it all began, and really, it began with Brandon’s attempts at flirting with Steph by starting a bit of a prank war: hiding cell phones in ceiling tiles, switching keys on the keyboard and even covering Steph’s car in over 2000 post-it notes. The jokes and the camaraderie made the long nights in studio so much more fun. When Steph’s computer died late one night, Brandon came to the rescue by letting her use his beloved super computer (the computer that no one in the studio ever dared to touch) – his nerd-way of saying “I like you.” He even stayed late the night before our final review just to help Steph with her model after a week of barely any sleep. She knew this guy was something special.

A week before graduation we went on our first date, putt putt and Mr. Freeze, but Steph was hesitant to start any sort of relationship because we were both heading to different graduate schools in the fall.

But Brandon was persistent and after a short summer of being in the same town, Brandon moved to Ann Arbor and Steph moved to Columbus and so started two years of a long distance relationship while we each worked on our Master of Architecture degrees. We made it a point to see each other about twice a month while getting the opportunity to memorize Route 23–quite possibly the most boring road in the country.

The two years flew by and Brandon moved down to Columbus shortly after graduating from the University of Michigan because Stephanie still had one more year of school. Brandon did freelance web work until landing a job at an architecture firm in the city. When Steph graduated the following spring from Ohio State, we both had come to love Columbus and decided to stay.

Now Brandon works full-time at his own web design and development studio and Stephanie works at an architecture firm in the city. We live downtown just outside German Village with our spunky little dog, Lucy.

The Proposal

How it All Went Down

Brandon always said when he proposed, “it was going to big!” and boy was he right. After being together for 5 years, Steph definitely suspected a ring was coming soon, but Brandon caught her completely off-guard with his proposal. We had been working on a big party and city-wide design project for the past year, and our huge kick-off party and exhibition was going to be held in an empty warehouse. We had a week to completely transform the space which meant basically living in a dirty warehouse until at least midnight every night cleaning, hanging lights, and installing the exhibition. And for Brandon, somehow also planning a proposal.

An hour or so in to the party, we had opening remarks where there was a slideshow playing that was supposed to be charging the audience with challenge questions about the city and how to improve the neglected spaces, but Brandon had his own agenda in the slides! You can see for yourself since he made sure to have some of his fellow conspirators catch it all on film:


All photos by our awesome photographer: Derk's Work Photography

Our Wedding

Details of the Day | Via Vecchia | Columbus, OH

We’re excited to be getting married in the neighborhood that has become our home. Located in the heart of the Brewery District, we can’t wait to celebrate in this beautiful space in our beautiful city with you!
Via Vecchia Photo by Picture the Love

Ceremony Information

Both the ceremony and reception will be at Via Vecchia beginning at 5:30pm:

Via Vecchia Winery
485 S Front St
Columbus, OH 43215
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Hotel Information

We recommend the city’s most renowned and historical hotel, The Westin Columbus, for our out of town guests, and it is just a short quarter mile from Via Vecchia

The Westin Columbus
10 S High St
Columbus, OH 43215
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or call (614) 228-3800 and ask for the Hayward/Pence wedding block.






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